Samantha Mauro Photography

Taking a picture is a defining act that portrays something deeply personal about an individual. Maybe that something is a thought or emotion. Maybe it's some person, place, or time that one wants to hold on to. No matter the motivation, in the end, it's done because everyone has something to share.

Personal Joy: I love telling stories, whether it's through a series of photos or words penned on paper. I enjoy being surrounded by nature; in the woods, mountains or beachside, preferably barefoot in the grass or sand. Cooking for friends and family is deeply satisfying, especially when I can end the meal with a bite of my homemade chocolate.

Why Travel?  I am a naturally curious person and I love to explore, learn, and find beauty in new places. The scenery on this planet blows me away, changing from one place to another. But as varied as the backdrop may be, the people are remarkably similar and wonderful. We’re really not so different. Try breaking bread, playing music, or making art together.

Based in connecticut.





"Sam is a wonderful photographer.  Not only did she listen to what kind of pictures we wanted, she also caught some great shots that we never would have thought of taking!  She's extremely professional and very easy to work with. The pictures turned out wonderful and we were pleased to have her." - Amanda B.


"Samantha truly has a gift when it comes to photography & she is an absolute joy to work with! We would recommend her to anyone & everyone! " - Rachael M.